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Since 20 years SEF ITALIA has been a leading company in the design and the production of innovative systems for metallic surface treatment.

We are to offer you a tailor-made systems, to best meet your production needs.
Your needs is our standards. 


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Increase your production capacity through our technological innovation.
Problem solving: thanks to our experience we can offer you the right solution to your needs, we can also supply full assistance on your production.

SEF ITALIA in partnership with MENPHIS
Offers to your business full service of consultancy and all the necessary product materials. Starting from the Equipments, sublimation powder and film in order to have the best possible 

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SUBLIMATION is a chemical-physical phenomenon which consists in the passage of the state of a substance directly from the solid phase to the gas one, without passing through the liquid state.
The sublimation process, applied to the decoration of aluminum and steel profiles and sheets, consists of an additional processing to the traditional painting process.
The process can reproducing the wood, marble and other decorations on metallic pre-painted sufaces.
The designs are printed on special films with sublimation inks.

Our systems are patented (Italian,European and worldwide patent) Stillwood® (which we are licensees) is the most advanced technology available on the market.
Each plant is equipped with bagging machine and oven. The bagging machine using the sublimation film to create a tubular sheath around the profiles.
The wrapped profiles are then hooked to specific depression sockets of the sublimation oven where, due to the combined action of depression and heat, the wood or marble design(imprinted on the sublimation film) are transferred into the paint thickness.

At the end of the cycle, the film envelopes, are removed and the material is ready for packaging. 


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